Business Services



  • For Individual Business Journeys
  • On Contract for Corporate Clients
  • On Relief - Cover for when your Company Chauffeur is unavailable
  • Contact us for Corporate Rates and Chauffeur Permanent Placement Service.
  • Call about our Chauffeur and Executive Car service.
  • Please see HERE for the benefits of using Duty Driver for your business needs

The Method is Simple We will open an account in your company's name and make the booking for the date and time required. We would appreciate 24 hours notice, whenever possible.

The chauffeur will arrive at your designated pick-up point in his own car and will be available to drive you in your car for as long as you wish.

We charge a flat rate per hour; this remains the same irrespective of unsocial hours, weekends and bank holidays. We can arrange Duty Driver Full Comprehensive Insurance if required.

There is a chauffeur travel allowance of £15 per trip and a minimum charge per trip of 5 hours.

Our Duty Driver Chauffeurs: All are uniformed, (suit and tie) they are over 30 years old, have clean driving licences, have been individually tested by a former Class 1 Police officer. All our Chauffeurs are courteous, calm, attentive and professional behind the wheel; they are experienced in chauffeuring all marques of vehicles.